Jamba specialises in internet solutions for modern development connecting to the internet through LBNCo.

We're different because we specialise in making it fast and easy for people to jump online. We have simple, great-value plans with flexible contracts.  


Put simply, we are great at helping tenants get online fast - and then saving them money with great internet access bundles.

Why choose Jamba?

Strata Managers & Property Professionals



Building professionals - we have put in place a comprehensive set of packages to look after you and your residents.  Contact us for more information today.

Strata Managers & Facility Managers:  Reduce the time you spend assisting residents

When residents arrive at their new home, they have a lot on their mind.   It’s a stressful time.


Jamba is here to make it easy and fast for your residents to connect to the internet.

When you recommend Jamba, you’re making it easy for them - and easy for you, too.


Our easy to use system and multi-lingual steps make it easy for them to work with us to get connected.

We work with you to provide class-leading education and easy sign-up steps for residents. 


When your resident arrives, they can find:

  • Welcome pack with a folder and welcome letter (bilingual)

  • Fast start tent-card 

  • Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Instructions on how to join Jamba

  • Information on great-value plans 

  • Configured Jamba modem ready to connect 

We currently provide support for 4 popular multilingual groups - ask us more about out tailored materials to make it easy for your residents and their families.

CONTACT US today for expert support and advice tailored for your property and residents.

Strata Committees:  Make Internet Hassles Vanish Forever

If you are on your Strata Committee, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about owners and tenants’ internet connectivity.    Ask your strata or facilities manager to contact us and we can look after them and take this off your committee agenda once and for all!

Property Owners & Real Estate Agents:  Make it Easy for You and Tenants

Helping residents connect to the internet and sorting out all their move-in questions can be a hassle.  Leave it with us - then they’ll be happy and connected.  And you’ll be able to concentrate on other issues.

Developers:  Work with Professionals 

If you are planning a development and would like to be connected via LBNCo fibre to the premises, contact Jamba.  We can work with LBNCo to provide you with the best embedded network package and a suite of services that will make it easy to sell and lease units.  And when the first tenants arrive, they will be online fast.  It’s easy!

CONTACT US today for more information